A turn-key solution to OFFERING & DELIVERING YOUR online training, coaching & consulting services


150+ Online Courses

We have 150+ online courses you can sell immediately. Add your own courses or add courses from other publishers.

Integrated E-Commerce

Stripe and PayPal integration comes with every package. Accept payment in over 130 currencies.

Branded LMS

No need to build an LMS from scratch. We will brand an LMS to your specifications, then populate it with the content you need.

Branded Website

If you need a web presence we have you covered. We can provide a custom branded website if you need it.

Who Uses Our services

Online Training Resellers

If you’re a startup just into online training sales, we offer the easiest possible way to achieve this through our turn-key solutions. Seasoned online training providers benefit from our extensive content library at wholesale prices, or even by an update to your LMS and E-Commerce solution.

Classroom Training Providers

Your traditional classroom training company can benefit by offering online training as an additional service, or as an option for customers who cannot afford the time or money to attend classroom training.


As a consultant you encounter opportunities to sell online training every day. You know what training your clients need. Our turn-key solution means you’re ready to make those sales when they present themselves, giving you a lucrative additional revenue stream.

Web Communities

 As a web community you have a large audience of ready-made customers who already know you and trust you. If your community members could benefit from online training, our turn-key solution is the perfect revenue stream for you.

Enterprise Level Customers


Corporations need lots of online training. We can provide you with content to upload to your LMS at wholesale prices. If you want to update your LMS we can do that too. Use our content, upload your own content or do both.


 We’ve found that government institutions demand a great deal of accountability from their employees. Our turn-key solution provides you with the ability to easily track and manage training progress. You can even require minimum exam scores before proceeding with training.

Education Institutions

 As an education institution you have a need for lifelong learning options for your alumni, your students and your staff. Your alumni trust you, so offering quality lifelong learning options to them can be lucrative. We’re trusted by a number of education institutions to provide the service that powers that potential.

Non-Profit Institutions

As a non-profit you may not have a large budget for training, which means online training is likely the best option from a cost perspective. We can make it easy for you to have your own employee training hub without breaking the bank. We can also allow you an easy way to deliver training content to your customers.

Choose the perfect plan

LMS + Content Library


Per month

LMS + Content Library


Per year (Save $600)

Content Only


Dig into our features

Our next generation LMS comes with all the features you’ll need to be successful selling online training.

Branded LMS With Content

Using our LMS allows you to offer your customers courses from our catalog. The LMS can be branded with your logo and colors, and you will have full admin control.

Add Your Own Courses

While we have hundreds of ready-to-go courses for you to sell, you can add your own learning content quickly and easily.

Custom Domain

Your LMS will have a custom domain name of your choosing. For example, yoursite.com, learning.yoursite.com or yoursite.com/learning. You choose how you want it displayed.

Unlimited Courses

There is no limit to the number of courses you can add to your course catalog, and fees will never increase based on the amount of content you add.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We will never limit your course bandwidth or charge higher fees as you grow your business. Bandwidth is unlimited forever.

Sales And Usage Reporting

Our powerful reporting features allow you to pull custom sales and usage reports in an easy to use, straight-forward way.

Student Management

Manage students easily with a fully featured student management and reporting system.

Quizzes And Graded Quizzes

You can add as many quizzes as you like. You can even ‘gate’ courses so students must pass a quiz with a certain score to move on to the next section.

Administrator Accounts

Assign as many administrator accounts as you want to employees, teachers or external partners. Unlimited demo accounts for potential customers.

Bulk Student Uploads

Making bulk sales is easy with our bulk student upload system. Save time by enrolling hundreds or thousands of students at one time.

Advanced Customization

With our Power Editor you can make advanced customizations to your LMS based on your company’s specific needs.

SSL Security

Free SSL security is provided for all LMS and website solutions. No need to buy your own certificate and spend months in the approval process.

Third Party Integrations

We offer easy setup for third party integrations, through API or Zapier.

Training And Support

We’ll get everything set up for you. After that you’ll have access to text and video help material as well as direct support from us.

Certificates Of Completion

Offer students certificates of completion for finishing any course. You can set certificates to be processed manually or automatically.

Free integration with the world most popular E-Commerce solutions means easy administration and high conversion rates.

We can integrate with PayPal to make it easier for customers to purchase from anywhere in the world. PayPal can also accept credit card payments.

Integrating with Stripe allows you to take credit card payments from the world’s most common companies such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diner’s Club. Additional customization allows you to accept Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay, 3D Secure, FOFORT, iDEAL, Giropay, Bancontact, SEPA direct debit and Alipay.

Incentivize students to purchase more courses by offering percentage off and dollar amount coupons, including custom expiration dates.

We can set you up with 150+ courses, but you can add and sell any content you like. Our online courses are created by subject matter experts and are used by small, medium and large organizations, to train their employees and managers. Titles covered include all soft skills, leadership, management, team builing, compliance, human resources, cyber security, office prouctivity and many more.

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Our clients say

“An exceptional soft skills library of video content and structure that aligns totally with the challenges and demands of corporate adult learning requirements for knowledge-centric employees. I recently conducted my initial soft skills learning session with 36 offshore employees and the reviews were all 5 stars!”
We have absolutely loved the soft skills online courses. Our school offers training for health related careers. We show the soft skills videos to each class at the end of their program and the response has been overwhelming. The students have found the information very helpful and are very complimentary of the quality of the videos.”
Jeanie Allen